Day 2: My life with Car

Today is a no-car day. I’d like to reduce my car days to 2 or 3, we’ll see.
I had errands to run but most of my day was in my home office working online or on the phone.

Hopped on my bike and ran errands for 1.5 hours in beautiful downtown West Seattle. Admittedly, this same task would have taken about 30-45 minutes in a car, but I got to thinking as I was tooling along: I feel better on my bike. Today’s been a hectic one at my job and riding my bike is a real break from all that stuff.

west seattle view of downtown

I don’t believe doing errands in my car would have given me the mental break or the sense of freedom I got from being on my bike.

Oh and then, when I got back, I felt just fine about that dark chocolate treat I indulged in–4 bike trips a week and all the chocolate you can eat–sounds good to me.

Came back to my office, sat down, faced all the same issues I left before but I felt a lot more refreshed and energized. So–can I quantify that? No. Can I make any dollar or data driven conclusions or arguments for or against? No.

Hmm. I guess I just have to accept it as personal fact. I felt better about the world after riding my bike…and I can’t often say that after driving around town.

One response to “Day 2: My life with Car

  1. I started working from home 2 days a week just to avoid using my car, my work commute is about 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic. Hopefully, they’ll enforce better safety laws or make it safer for cyclists now that we ‘officially’ have to be concerned about Global Warming. Encouraging people to use alternate travel by making bike lanes safer, building better walkways, providing mass-transit/rail systems that connect all parts of the city will be key.

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