Wiki use in global enterprise settings

Just considering the possible use of a massive wiki for tech help agents in an enterprise setting.  Any thoughts anyone out there might have would be of interest.

For now, some of the considerations I have would be:

  • flexibility of legacy inputs
  • what kind of SW?
  • use for decision trees, or trees of any kind?
  • measuring use for agents and customers
  • limiting and recognizing abuse
  • governance issues (multitudes, I’m guessing)

I’m convinced through painful experience that global companies with a vested interest in a uniform customer experience and support options will have to have some kind of JIT publishing process and collaborative sharing processes to create a global MindShare at the agent level.

Further, it’s about the only way out there to actually collect and leverage tacit knowledge. But can it be done and measured and proven to be as effective as I think it can?  Don’t know.

2 responses to “Wiki use in global enterprise settings

  1. I’m wondering if building a wiki say for help support on a tool could be built around the common tasks associated with the business process for that tool. Just a thought.

    One thing I found was that MediaWiki allows people to engage in a ‘real-time’ discussion about a page/topic.

  2. Okay, back to this–it’s such a great question. One of the projects I worked on last year was precisely this issue–using a wiki for help support on technology. The huge win is that the processes are infinitely updatable and immediate; the difficult challenge is making sure that the support is accurate and doesn’t include inaccurate “work arounds” and actions the company doesn’t want agents suggesting. Also, the accuracy of the support is difficult to track to customer support at this time because wikis are so immediate and gathering data is so historical and complex.

    All that said, I think the Just In Time nature of wiki information for support agents outweighs any of the challenges. Are you planning to put this in place at your organization? If so, I’d love to hear how it goes.

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